Celebrating Blackfoot Culture and Heritage with the Galt Museum

At Coalbanks Creative Inc., we are proud to be a part of the Lethbridge community and to support initiatives that preserve and celebrate the history and culture of southern Alberta. We are especially honored to have been a part of the “Voices of the Land” project, an Indigenous culture capacity building initiative developed by the Galt Museum & Archives in partnership with Blackfoot knowledge keepers.

The “Voices of the Land” project was recently recognized by the Canadian Museums Association (CMA) with an honorable mention in the Social Impact category of its 2022 Awards. As a video production company, we were responsible for producing a range of videos that covered a variety of themes and topics reflecting the rich heritage, art, language, and culture of the Blackfoot Confederacy. These videos were designed to be educational and engaging, providing an opportunity for Indigenous voices to tell their stories from their own perspectives and to share their knowledge with the community.

The Galt Museum & Archives, now known as Akaisamitohkanao’pa, has a long history of serving the Lethbridge community and is committed to advancing the vision of reconciliation and understanding through its programs and initiatives. As a video production company, we were proud to support the “Voices of the Land” project and to contribute to the museum’s efforts to share Indigenous knowledge and promote greater understanding.

We congratulate the Galt Museum & Archives on its recognition by the CMA and look forward to continuing to work with the museum and other organizations to produce meaningful and impactful content that tells important stories and connects people with their communities.

Michael Warf
Michael Warf
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