Welcome to Coalbanks.

We’re busy
cooking up
something new.

From our local Coalbanks & Company brand
to our new digital content creation services,
our local roots are the defining ingredient.

Launching In

60 Days
09 H
54 M
30 S

We are the Coalbanks Collective.

Top quality talent lines the banks of the Milk River, a place we happily call home. We're proud of our part of the Province - and gave it a nod when we created Coalbanks & Company branded apparel last year. Carefully sourced textiles (reclaimed from local thrift stores) helped us create sustainable apparel and provide a second income for our friends, neighbours and independent businesses.

While we've added to our clothing lineup this year - we had a chance to pause, reflect and realize the tools & techniques we'd used to establish our brand weren't available to everyone. We're converts when it comes to the impact social media played in forging our brand, and this year we'd like to share some of that heat with yours.

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