Mission Accomplished: Coalbanks and Team Lethbridge

2022 was a remarkable year for Coalbanks Creative, and one of the highlights was undoubtedly our involvement in Team Lethbridge Mission 2022. Through a referral from a respected local media company, we had the pleasure of meeting Mark Neskar from Economic Development Lethbridge over coffee. After a series of engaging discussions, we were invited to submit a proposal to document this incredible initiative that showcased our beautiful city and its contributions to the province of Alberta.

The Team Lethbridge Mission 2022 journey started with an early morning bus ride to Edmonton, battling the cold weather and building connections along the way. The close-quarters bus travel allowed us to capture candid moments among participants, providing a unique storytelling vehicle. As we documented the group’s activities at the Alberta Legislature, hotel, and social events, we gained insight into how Lethbridge contributes to the province and how it can work with government representatives to support long-term success for Alberta.

From Wind Chills to Hotel Fires: Coalbanks Creative’s Unwavering Pursuit of Authenticity

As with any project, we faced our fair share of challenges during the Team Lethbridge Mission 2022 journey. The extreme cold of -46°C wind chill tested our equipment (and our resolve!). Our team had to work diligently to keep batteries and gear functioning, and flying drones for aerials was particularly challenging. Additionally, a fire in the hotel the night before the event left access issues we had to work around and restricted a few options for interview environments.

Despite these obstacles, our team navigated them with a combination of creativity, determination, and that signature Coalbanks spirit. As Coalbanks Creative owner Michael Warf recalls, “The intense cold was an experience in itself, but we knew we had to push through to capture the essence of the mission. Our team’s dedication and adaptability played a significant role in the project’s success.”

Our approach to capturing the essence of the mission was to use multiple camera operators, a gimbal operator, aerial footage, and formal interviews. This allowed us to create an engaging and authentic representation of the mission while highlighting the people, relationships, and stories that make Lethbridge such a special place. As one participant commented, “Coalbanks Creative truly captured the spirit and camaraderie of our team.”

Lights, Camera, Lethbridge: Coalbanks Creative’s Stellar Collaboration with Team Lethbridge

We believe that our expertise in capturing unscripted moments and human-based storytelling made Coalbanks Creative the ideal partner for Economic Development Lethbridge on this project. Our ability to showcase the genuine interest of MLAs in meeting with Team Lethbridge participants and the memorable moments we captured during the journey has helped us forge new relationships and opportunities within our community.

One of the most memorable moments during the trip was the willingness of MLAs to engage with Team Lethbridge participants. It demonstrated the power of collaboration and the impact our city can have on the province. Our documentary-style interviews with representatives from Lethbridge College, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge Sport Council, Lethbridge Exhibition, Tourism Lethbridge, and MLA Nathan Neudorf further emphasized the value and importance of the mission.

The experience of working on the Team Lethbridge Mission 2022 project has significantly impacted Coalbanks Creative, opening doors to future work opportunities with key community builders. Our participation in this project has not only showcased our skills but also strengthened our bond with the Lethbridge business community.

Mission Possible: Uncovering the True Value of Team Lethbridge Adventures

As a testament to the success of the Team Lethbridge Mission 2022 project, we’d like to share some advice and insights with potential participants of future missions. The value of joining such initiatives goes beyond the face-value of lobbying government; it lies in the relationships and connections that are forged throughout the journey. If you have the opportunity to participate, embrace it wholeheartedly, and witness the positive impact on your organization and the Lethbridge community.

Our involvement in Team Lethbridge Mission 2022 has been a true highlight of the year for Coalbanks Creative, and we’re incredibly proud to have collaborated with Economic Development Lethbridge. We’re grateful for the opportunity to document and share the inspiring stories and achievements of our city, furthering our commitment to showcasing Lethbridge’s strengths and its people. To our fellow Lethbridge business owners seeking video production services, we hope this blog post has inspired you, and we’re excited to continue serving our community with passion, creativity, and dedication.

Michael Warf
Michael Warf
Hey there, I'm Michael Warf, a Lethbridge-based videographer and photographer with a knack for storytelling. On this blog, I share tips and tricks on how to use creativity and technology to create powerful video experiences that your audience will love. Come along for the ride and let's take your brand to the next level with the best Lethbridge video production services around. Thanks for stopping by!

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