An Intimate Look at Hockey Night in Canada’s Most Inspiring Player

Have you ever met someone who truly embodies the meaning of inspiration? That’s exactly what we experienced when we had the privilege of interviewing Harnaryan Singh, the 2021 Peace Patron award recipient, for the Mosaic Institute. As a Lethbridge-based video production company specializing in documentary-style corporate videos and commercials, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to capture Harnaryan’s story on film.

Our team, consisting of myself and my son Josh, who handles audio production for Coalbanks, traveled to Calgary to meet with Harnaryan at a hotel for the first leg of the interview. The 3-hour interview was nothing short of captivating, as Harnaryan shared his life story, the challenges he’s faced, and his love for hockey. And when we say love for hockey, we mean it! Harnaryan has been a part of Hockey Night in Canada for over two decades and his passion for the sport shines through in everything he does.

But Harnaryan’s story goes far beyond hockey. He’s a family man at heart, and that was on full display when we visited him at his home in Chestermere (a suburb of Calgary) for the second leg of the interview. Surrounded by his wife, two kids, parents, and even a visit from his sister, Harnaryan’s home was a picture of love, laughter, and togetherness. We spent the day playing with his kids outside in the yard, were entertained by his family’s musical performance, and shared dinner while watching the hockey game. It was a surreal experience that left us feeling grateful and inspired.

The Mosaic Institute chose Harnaryan as the 2021 Peace Patron award recipient for his tireless work promoting peace and intercultural understanding. Through his many years on Hockey Night in Canada and his various community initiatives, Harnaryan has made a lasting impact on Canadians from coast to coast. The video we produced for the Mosaic Institute, which was premiered at the Peace Patron award night, showcases Harnaryan’s journey and the reasons why he was chosen for this prestigious award.

We hope that this blog post has given you a glimpse into the life of Harnaryan Singh and the impact he’s had on the lives of so many Canadians. We’re honored to have played a small role in telling his story and capturing his journey on film. If you’d like to learn more about Harnaryan and the Mosaic Institute, visit their website today. And don’t forget to watch the video we produced, it’s a truly inspiring story that you won’t want to miss!

Michael Warf
Michael Warf
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