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We help brands resonate more deeply with their fans, every day.


Building a loveable, notable brand means creating binge-worthy content that adds value to people’s lives, trust your story to Coalbanks. If you’re seeking that Hollywood big-budget look, so are we - and we'll bring the right combo of gear to help achieve it.


Do photography rates feel like hieroglyphics? Need a library of brand material, product shots, or even a simple headshot update? We’re usually packing one or two still cameras along for the ride, are versed at reading different lighting conditions, and have been known to coax a natural smile or three out of your team.

Social Media Content

Simplify your social media with predictable, professional content creation. We’ll equip you with a library of high quality, hard-hitting, weekly material that’s yours - free from heavy usage restrictions. Your voice, our visuals - a perfect pairing!

Website Strategy

It can feel like the big ’ol internet is no different than the wild West of old, and honestly, there’s a lot of snake oil out there. We help demystify technology you won't easily outgrow (kinda like your favourite pair of chaps). Whether your needs call for a humble landing page or a full-blown mobile app, we’ve got your back.

UI/UX Design

Okay, admittedly we’re flexing our inner geek, but UI/UX Design is just building an easy-to-use interface, guided by the goals of your project. Often that means testing assumptions with a group of people that think like your audience, and checking in with them as we go. It’s no secret that User Experience (UX) Design can be a five-dollar phrase for “Market Research”, with high returns.

Aerial Footage

We love to strap cameras on things that fly and we’re licensed to do it! If you’re a creative that needs a little extra punch for your production, we'll be your pilot-in-command and nail cinema-inspired camera movement from way up high, keeping potential anxiety grounded. 4K footage, RAW photos? Absolutely.

Welcome to Coalbanks.

Once a centre for mining and export, Coal Banks (now “Lethbridge”) is a haven for creative professionals who dig deeper and glow brighter here than anywhere else.

The Blackfoot called it sik-ooh-ko-toki or “place of the black rocks,” an area prized for its abundant coal seams exposed on sedimentary riverbanks. Mining is no longer the archetype of the city we call home - yet the spirit, tenacity, and ideas entrenched continue to weave our story. Our local community continues to reveal a new type of raw material: fuel for creativity, community, and the signature of a city passionate about momentum.

A Little More About Us.

Coalbanks Creative Inc is led by Michael Warf, a multidisciplinary creative and business owner with a portfolio tested and refined by roughly three decades of professional experience. Our network is comprised of seasoned creatives, fresh from the fight.

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